General Contracting Vs Handymen – Importance of General Contractor

General Contracting Services in Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, most homeowners do not really understand the difference between a general contractor and a handyman. You might consider one for bigger projects and the other for smaller, however, that’s not the entire story.


Let us dive in and explore different options.

General Contracting for Kitchen Projects

If you hired a handyman for a kitchen remodeling project, you might as well hired an amateur. Handymen and women are great for small cabinet repairs but nothing for a full scale kitchen. Its not like you wont finish the project, but why finish something with the least value? A full scale kitchen remodeling would require a local kitchen remodeling contractor because it requires updating the plumbing, electrical, designing the area, removing or replacing the layout, and more. Its a big project! Costs can quickly escalate. and time away from cooking will cost you more.


A Properly Remodeled Kitchen can add up to 89% in Value!

On a property worth $100,000 (hypothetical) if you remodel your kitchen (old kitchen) the home can be worth $189,000+

General Contracting for bathroom Remodeling

A bathroom remodeling project for most homeowners seem doable when compared to a full kitchen remodel. As a contractor, we experience many homeowners calling us from Los Angeles neighborhoods looking for help with the bathroom after attempting to remove and remodel.

I seen homeowners demolish the bathroom and thats about as far as most get. Removing your bathroom tiles is hard, but a doable project for a homeowner. However, if you want to professionally redo the tiles, it will cost you 3x more because every other one will crack, break, or look horrible so you would have to redo it. I am only assuming if you get good enough to redo bathroom tiles. Its no easy task. Furthermore, to redo the old galvanized plumbing to PEX, or copper is not a task for just anyone. Lots of things to consider for your bathroom. Thats why hiring a general contractor in Los Angeles, CA makes a lot of sense. A general contractor has the crew to get the job done right. Each trade requires a different guy that is knowledgeable with city code and standards.

Value can range from 50% Р85% Depending on how well  your general contractor remodels.


Handymen are great but…

You being a handyman can get the job done (maybe) but will it pass inspection? Would you be able to pull the right permits? A handyman is great for little projects, but a full scale project like bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling and other projects are just too big.

Reach out for a helping hand! Reach out for Novel Remodeling your local contractor for home improvement and remodeling. (855) 456-6835



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