Tree Removal Services In Los Angeles

Tree Removal and the difference it can make on your home

If you are a homeowner struggling with a god awful tree, novel remodeling understands. There are many reasons why you would want to remove a tree from your home in Los Angeles. A few of the more common reasons are, tree is in the way of our new landscaping, tree is breaking the concrete nearby, damages to my concrete foundation, simply ugly.

If you are redesigning your backyard in Los Angeles, and their is this crummy tree in the way, it needs to go now. Novel Remodeling can help you pull permits, and remove any trees that are in the way. Well I cant say any trees because certain trees in Los Angeles are protected by the state regardless if its on your property or not.


Tree Removal Process

Depending on the size of the tree, a free estimate is the first step to identifying the project and learning how you can remove the tree.

Once a quote is given to a homeowner, and the homeowner is ready to go forth with us, we contact the city, pull the necessary permits to get started.

Depending on the size of the tree we might need heavy equipment or just elbow grease to get your tree trimmed and removed from your yard. Tree stumping services are available upon approved of your project manager.

Overgrown Tree Removal Santa Clarita

It can be a nuisance for a homeowner to have an overgrown tree that keeps making the yard dirty, cracks concrete, damages your homes foundation and more. Schedule an estimate and learn how you can remove  your unwanted tree and redo your landscaping. Affordable landscape designs.

Redesigning your backyard in Santa Clarita

If you ever thought about redesigning your backyard and adding elements that will add value to your home, no time is better than now.

Fence Installation

We help homeowners add value by installing or repairing existing fence. This includes wood fence, wrought iron fence, or vinyl fences. Its an excellent way to add value because it increases security, and safety while outlining the borders of your property.

Concrete or Flagstone Walkways

Stamped concrete and flagstone walkways are a big way to add value to your backyard.  A well designed walkway that connects to a patio area/pergola will increase value, make your backyard stand out more and add the dollar amounts you need to sell your home quick and at a premium. For stamped concrete projects, it all comes down to how good of an artist your concrete expert is. For us at Novel Remodeling, we work with only the best stamped concrete experts to maximize the design elements and add a sense of direction to your yard.



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