Connect Your Backyard With Concrete

Concrete Project Connect Your Yard

Homeowners are reaching out for landscapers and concrete installers for new and impressive ways to connect their backyards in Los Angeles. Most homeowners we encounter are excited about designing but have no idea what it truly takes to connect different elements of the backyard together. That’s where we come in and help clients arrange different elements like, walkways, patio area, some swimming pools, and my favorite a chill area’s.  All of these elements need concrete walkways, concrete slabs and more to connect each area of the backyard. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Making your backyard Fit

Some might say that wow this is a lot to include in a backyard. that might be true, but with each element, a professional backyard designer can include just about everything i mentioned (except the swimming pool) to fit any given property in Los Angeles. Most homeowners have on average 2500- 3500 square footage of space behind their house. Depending on the area you might have more or less.

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As a professional backyard designer, we build custom patio area to fit the size of your home. No one size fit all works for homeowners. Each project is custom tailored to each a sense of purpose and design while full-filling a set goal. Some homeowners want an area outside to enjoy a good book.


Relaxing Zone for mind bending journey through a great book.

We build relaxation areas that homeowners can walk to and enjoy a good book while still being comfortable and away from direct sunlight. A custom stamped concrete walk way will connect you from your house to your relaxation zone.

Patio Installation for your backyard

Many homeowners have bought homes with huge backyards, but no area to sit around and enjoy a beautiful summer day. Novel Remodeling helps homeowners by designing a custom patio area with a cover and stamped flooring for the backyard. Each backyard project we take on, we ensure that homeowners are in the drivers seat to design and help place key elements around the backyard. These elements help ensure your home is fluid, comfortable and a well designed area for you to entertain your guests.

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