Shingle Roof Repairs- Affordable Roofing Services Burbank

Shingle Roof Repairs Burbank | 855-456-6835

Novel Remodeling is one of the best local contractors for shingle roof repairs in Burbank, CA. What makes us the best option? We are locally located in Burbank, CA with representatives serving the entire Los Angeles, Santa Clarita, Palmdale, and Lancaster communities. We work with local homeowners to provide affordable roof leak repair services for shingle roofs. Shingle roofs are easy to repair, costs of the material are lower, and replacement of the entire roof is 30% less than other roofing materials.




Shingle roofs are one of the less durable, but cost affordable option for local homeowners. The average Shingle Roof lasts between 15 – 30 Years depending on experts installation skills.

Easy To Install

Shingle Roofs are one of the more easier type of roofing materials to install for homeowners, making roofing more affordable for the clients. Novel Remodeling is one of the most affordable shingle roof installers in Los Angeles and Burbank Community!

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Roof Testimonials  in Burbank, CA

Mikey R. | Burbank, CA

“My garage had a roof leak and we could not find the exact spot of the leak.  We went online and found Novel Remodeling. John was great at our initial meeting. He quickly got on our roof and determined where the leak was coming from. He also went ahead and estimated that our garage roof was about 20+ years old and needed to be replaced. We had no extra money, he helped us get financing and started work soon after.

The roof looks amazing. Beautifully done and tested with a hose for leaks. I would recommend Novel Remodeling for roof repairs and roof leaks based off of what I seen. Great Work!  “


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