Roof Leaks What you should Do

Roof Leaks for Homeowners in LA

When you notice a roof leak in your home, what are your first thoughts? Most homeowners start to panic and look online for advice. Not a bad first step, but panicking is not the answer. Novel Remodeling should be one of your first companies to call and schedule an estimate and here is why. We provide free quotes to start the roofing estimate process. Our expert roofing specialists can help determine where the leak is coming from, the type of roof you have, estimate how old it is (amount of layers on the roof) and costs on replacing or repairing part of the damaged area.

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Los Angeles Roof Leak Specialists

Our roofing specialists focus on leaky roofs as its a majority of our business. We know how to affordably repair, and replace your roof without exceeding your budget. In Los Angeles, average cost of roof replacement can range from $16454 – $25675 depending on the type of roof. This is an estimate based off of our roofing quotes in the area.

What determines the price of a roof replacement?

  1. Material is a big part of the cost for repairing your roof. Consider shingles, composite, concrete, or tile roofs. All costs are different, and pricing can vary dramatically depending on the style of roof, and type of material and brand used. Ask us about our products.
  2. Labor is a big deal when it comes to roofing repairs. If you have laborers that are inexperience, or just bad at roofing, the leaks will continue. We go out to roofing projects that were recently done and show homeowners why the roof is still leaking. Bad materials in addition to inexperience roofers will always result in leaks.
  3. Place of the leak is another thing to consider when asking for repairs on your roof. Chimney leaks are common because of the flashing around the chimney. Leaks occur far more often where two sides connect than any where else on the roof. Near Ridge-lines, chimney flashing’s, skylights and more.

Interested in getting a price for your roof leak?

Learn abtravaux couvreurout affordable costs from a local contractor near you. Novel Remodeling, a full service licensed and insured contractor helping homeowners by providing roof estimates, roof repairs, and roof costs for locals. Schedule a no obligation estimate and learn how you can save up to 20% Today!



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