Solar Tile Shingle Roofs | Los Angeles, CA

The biggest problem with Solar Currently

As a homeowner, more and more often I was approached by solar installers interested in helping me save money. Sure the benefits of solar in terms of saving money is great, but do I really want install those ugly blue panels on my beautiful new roof? Hence, 7 years later I am still without solar panels.

Working for a company like ours, We helped plenty of homeowners upgrade their roofs to solar roof tops and did not really mind the blue panels. Many homeowners actually enjoyed the added design it provided to their own roofs. High end luxury homes in Southern California, Hollywood, and Calabasas community held back and recently got excited about Solar City/ Tesla new Solar Tile Shingles that will be coming out 2017.


Why Solar Tile Shingles would Solve the Problem

Tesla and Solar City combined have revolutionized the solar industry once again with their new solar glass tiles. Elon Musk in an interview mentioned that the solar tile shingles would cost less than traditional shingle roofs while providing solar energy for homeowners. That means that you can replace your roof today and get a solar panels with new roof at the same cost. That is a huge savings in comparison to traditional shingles and then solar panels on top of the shingle roof.

It comes in 4 different solar tile flavors to choose from and I would assume that hes working on bringing more choices to the market.

Tuscan Glass Tile

Tuscan Glass Tile looks more like Spanish tile with a smooth texture. We will have to see the actual tile to determine but based off, it appears to look smooth.

Slate Glass Tile

Slate Glass Tile looks more textured and rugged.

Textured Glass Tile

Textured Glass looks to have ridges and that textured look but slate glass looks more textured based off the pictures.

Smooth Glass Tile

Smooth Glass is the last type of glass tile that was presented by Elon. Its a clean and modern looking tile for your roof.
in conclusion, based off what we know is that Elon Musk is going to be making roofing materials that serve two purposes; solar energy for your house, and a roof for your house in one. Its suppose to be cost efficient, and look great on any home. We hope to see this product out early 2017, but Elon Musk put this new material mid to end 2017. He also has a reputation of overstepping on the dates, so hoping to get this out to the market soon. Until then, get a free quote for solar rooftop in Los Angeles, CA.

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