Roof Tile Leaks & Skylight Leaks

Roof Tile Leaks Burbank, CA

If you have a roof leak for your tile roof, most often than not, roof paper was not done properly or the roof tile has cracks/broken off pieces causing the leak.  Repairing your tile roof is no easy task and not a task for the local handyman.

What we do differently is go over the project in detail to make sure we provide permanent repairs for your home. We ensure your roof wont leak if you as a homeowner decide to take action and get the project done.

Nothing worst than celebrating the holidays with leaky roofs / buckets for the rain. Not to mention the damage that your home will take from leak.

Getting your Tile Roof Repairs requires a professional contractor. Schedule a free quote with us and determine the damages and get a price for repairs.

Skylight leaks in Burbank, CA

If you have a home that has skylight and you noticed a leak in the skylight, this could be a very easy fix or a complicated home improvement project.

A small leak in the skylight could require a professional grade sealant to undo the skylight, seal the cracks with foam type texture and reinstall the existing skylight.

Other situation with skylights are that the screen itself is cracked and water is leaking from the skylight itself. That would require a whole new skylight and professional installation.

Schedule a roof inspection and see where the roof leak is coming from. We service Burbank, Los Angeles, CA | 855-456-6835






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