Stamped Concrete Specialists Los Angeles

Stamped Concrete What is it?

Stamped Concrete is one of the best solutions for homeowners interested in backyard makeover in Los Angeles, CA. Some homeowners are confused as stamped concrete is just a design. It can be made to look like brick, slate or flagstone without losing its durability. Stamped concrete helps homeowners achieve almost any design and keep costs low.

Why homeowners are choosing Stamped Concrete for the backyard?

Do you own your own house? Have you considered adding custom stones to your backyard, or redesign your front yard with new walkway, driveway and porch? If so, you might have been introduced to pavers, and flagstone. These are popular options in Los Angeles community.

What most homeowners do not know is that you can achieve similar looks by stamped concrete. Stamped concrete is much more affordable than flagstone and pavers. Schedule your free in-home estimate because its not much of a DIY project! If you are handy, try building planters for your backyard, leave concrete design and stamped concrete installation services to us!

Novel Remodeling | 855-456-6835 Free Quotes | 20% Off Full Backyard Installs

Repairing Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete can chip and peal just like any other part of your backyard. Stamped concrete repair services is crucial to maintaining the look and feel of your backyard.

Our repair services include pressure washing the area that is damaged.

Sealing the cracks if cracking is occuring is the first step. If the cracks are too wide, or if the cracks are frequent, you might need to replace the area.

If the color is fading, or area requires sealiing, Novel Remodeling can help you with that. We do staining, sealing and installation of new stamped concrete. get a free quote today.

If the problem occurs in the driveway section of your home, and the slope is causing damages to your car, you should consider redoing the slope. Older homes have had different requirements due to other limitations at the time. Today, slopes are done differently and last longer. Schedule a free quote today 855-456-6835

Hire Novel Remodeling for stamped Concrete

No obligation free in-home estimates are offered by our contractor for us to get to know your needs, go over design options, and details of the costs. We do this because we want to show you its quality service we are after and working with homeowners that want something more than just simple concrete! Free quotes today 855-456-6835 CAll Now!



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