Landscape Designers in Los Angeles

Why Hire a Landscape Designer

Hiring a landscape designer for your home in Los Angeles, CA brings many benefits to homeowners. Some homeowners might think a gardener can do what a landscape designer does without the price tag. Its simply not true. When you hire a landscape designer, you expect a custom design, with a combination of efficiency, esthetics, and quality work. In other words, a gardener is great for maintenance, however, anything that requires a redo or customization, better left to hire a landcape designer.


concrete staircase

Landscape Designers can be architects but that is different as well. Outdoor architecture is a realtively new field of work for designers. A landscape architect uses both concrete/pavers and landscaping solutions for homeowners. The difference between a landscape designer and landscape architect is that one uses concrete to add depth and design while the other primarly uses plants, tree, and shrubs to design your home.

In Los Angeles, Novel Remodeling provide landscaping design and drought friendly succulents for homeowners. We specialize in saving money and using the Turf removal program to save you a little on your new designed yard.

We work with both landscape designers and landscape architects to use concrete and succulents to design modern backyards. We provide everything from materials, to preparing the area for installation to lawn removal. When you hire us for the project you get everything in one, similar to a costco shopping spree.

Things we do Amazingly | 20% Off All Major outdoor Projects!

  1. Fence installation
  2. Concrete Stamped, Acide Wash, Staining and Repairs
  3. Succulent drought friendly landscaping
  4. Tree Removal / New Installation
  5. Artificial Turf

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