Diamond Bar Low Income Program for Home Improvement

If you are a homeowner in Diamond Bar, Novel Remodeling can help you get financing especially if you are low income. The City of Diamond Bar offers low-income families a opportunity to remodel the home at a low costs and provides financing that traditional banks will not provide. If you are located in Diamond Bar, CA you should really consider getting a free estimate from our company on any project and see if you qualify for low-income financing.

Projects We can Help you

We love doing kitchen resurfacing as it adds the most value to a kitchen remodeling without the need to spend so much money. Its relatively half the cost of a traditional kitchen remodeling and results look amazing with our pro-contractors.

We love doing backyard concrete installation and repairs. For homeowners interested in stamped concrete, repairing the concrete flooring or redoing the backyard with hardscape, Our contractors are one of a kind. Our experts custom design your backyard to look and feel any style you need. Ask for your free estimate and compare prices! Other backyard remodeling projects we love are Drought landscaping, Patio Cover installation, blockwall/fence installation and more. Get your estimate and save hundreds when you combine projects.

Bathroom Remodeling to reduce your water usage, upgrade your plumbing and electrical and save you money are a few projects our bathroom crews do often. For low-income families this is crucial for the long run.

Foundation Repairs are one of the most popular type of home improvement for homeowners that are aware of the damages a strong earthquake can do to a home. If you are not aware, chances are your home could have foundation cracks to say the least.

Hiring Professional licensed Experts

Whether you need a small home improvement project done, or a full backyard remodeling, consider Novel Remodeling for the project. Our fully licensed and insured contractors are ready to help you with your project. Whether you need financing or willing to pay cash, we got affordable prices for all projects in Diamond Bar Community. For reference, Check out our website www.novelremodeling.com | 855-456-6835


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