Foundation Inspections | Foundation Repair Checklist

Whether your getting your home inspected by a professional, or you decided to inspect it yourself, there are a few things to consider for a successful foundation inspection. Ideally its crucial to find the cracks, leaks and damages before the situation gets worse. Its recommended to have a foundation inspection done every 3-5 years. A leaky pipe, a cracked foundation, support wall or any other type of foundation damage can cause major damages to your structure if left unattended. bad foundation
Foundation Checklist

  1. Water Intrusion is one of the worst thing that can happen to your foundation. Water left unattended will lead to mold and other harmful affects to your home and family.
  2. Loose plumbing can be the hidden ninja of destruction for the foundation. Imagine your foundation being destroyed by a loose pipe that keeps dripping water. The water will loosen the concrete overtime and create shifts.
  3. Checking for Termites in the crawl spaces of your foundation or your basesement is the next step in the foundation check-list. Termites are small insects that eat at your wooden supports for your foundation.
  4. Cracks in the flooring of your foundation or any other parts of your home is a good indicator of shifting in the soil. We recommend repairs immediately as it can destroy the walls of your home and sink your entire house.
  5. Window Cracks is another indication of faulty foundation. Whether your windows are not closing properly, or noticing cracks on the edges, be advised your foundation is in jeporady. Its not just your windows, doors become less likely to close properly. This is screaming foundation damages!! Check today 855-456-6835
  6. The last indicator is cosmetic and is located under your house. If your house has cracks near the foundation, you need to repair immediately.

financing a project like Foundation repairs can be costly. Thankfully, we provide 3rd party financing in addition to low prices and custom solutions. We got solutions for every budget, so call today, get your inspection and compare prices.

Novel Remodeling |  855-456-6835


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