Why Build your Custom Home with Novel Remodeling

Blueprints and Designing New Custom Homes 

Homeowners that need to save money and are interested in a painless and headache free experience, should choose a general contractor that can handle the entire custom home building project all under one roof. When a homeowner get an idea of building a custom home, blueprints is the first step to the project. Novel Remodeling offers blueprints, custom layout designs, and structural engineers to get your project approved prior to starting any of the work. We help by designing your home with your input and what can be bult according to your city. Furthermore, we then have our structural engineers custom design the land and prepare for construct. Thats a complicated process simplified for the sake of this blog.

Whats so important about this process? When you do enough research, and planning for your custom home, the chances of things going wrong is drastically reduced and major headaches are avoided in the future. We help with the planning and our 15 year experience in building can help rest assure that we know what we are doing. We have done several new custom home building throughout the Los Angeles county. Our luxury custom homes can be found in Hollywood hills, Sherman Oaks community, and a few in Malibu Hills. Schedule a free quote, to discuss your blueprints, custom designed home today.

A. Architectural Plans

B. Structural Engineers

Choosing Right Materials

Choosing materials for a new home is one of the most challenging parts of the remodeling process. Their are tons of options and a homeowner can get lost. When choosing a general contractor like Novel Remodeling, we guide you through your project and help you choose the right materials that will benefit you in the future and help you reduce your utility costs. Homeowners with a significant budget can go all energy efficient products like upgraded windows, heating and cooling systems, insulations, ducting sealing, roofing and more. These products will help generate rebate and reduce a certain amount of the costs. In long term, they will reduce your electricity bill and heating cost up to 45% verses traditional/older materials. Furthermore, when you choose Novel Remodeling to do your custom built home, you know you will get best priced materials for your home. We work with local vendors for wholesale pricelists and amazing deals. On average we can save you 10-25% on materials selected through our vendors.

A. Energy efficiency

B. Keeping Costs Low

About Us

Novel Remodeling offers a wide variety of services for homeowners interested in remodeling but what we are known for is our additions and new construction. Consider a free no cost estimate from a licensed and insured general contractor in Los Angeles. Luxury custom homes built by professional contractors in LA community. Get your free quote from us today and find out about our promotional deals.

Call us at 855-456-6835 or visit our webform http://form.jotform.us/form/51806322939156 to get in contact.


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