Remodeling Services in La Canada Community | Glendale, CA | Pasadena, CA | Sunland, CA

If have worked in the community of La Crescenta-flintridge, you know that the community is a close nit community driven by small businesses and success. Novel Remodeling recently has branched out to the La crescenta community and began offering remodeling services and home improvement. Homeowners can take advantage of our amazing prices, quality workmanship, free estimates, and prices that are custom to your specific needs.

Why Homeowners should get a free Quote

Its not that we are the best general contractors in La Canada, nor are we the cheapest general contractors. But what really makes us different is our experience, our knowledge, our professionalism, and our understanding of construction and accurately pricing projects. Situations arise after a project starts and contractors (our friends and competitors) start hiking up the prices to what they should have originally charged. Thats when things become tricky if a homeowner signed a contract. Our remodeling services are solid, after we sign a contract. If anything, we work with homeowners budget to keep costs low and within what we agreed upon at the begining of the contract.

Affordable Remodeling

When we take on a project we consider economy, materials used, customer expectations, and budget. Material used and budget is a key concept to understand when hiring a general contractor. Novel Remodeling shoots for quality materials that are durable and long lasting with manufacture warranty. If our clients budgets are expected then quality materials are used to build the kitchen, bathroom, flooring, roofing, or any other project around the house. However, most homeowners compromise on material, and choose cheaper options.  A budget at almost every price point, but wouldnt you rather remodel once and remodel right?   (Craigslist horror stories) dont be a victim.

About Novel Remodeling

Novel Remodeling is a fully licensed general contractor and design firm with multiple locations across southern california. Our contractors are fully licensed and insured with an amazing reputation for quality workmanship and affordable prices. We do everything from kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, roofing, painting, exterior repairs, drought landscaping, concrete work and swimming pools. We are a one stop shop for your entire project. Quality work? Just do a quick google search and count them stars. We come highly recommended on youtube, yelp and Houzz.

Kitchen Remodeling 

Bathroom Remodeling 

Drought Landscaping 

Schedule your free estimate by filling out our web-form or calling us direct at 855-456-6835 | Dont be shy to leave a message.


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