Driveways matter when it comes to Curb Appeal | Los Angeles, CA

If you are a homeowner interested in selling your home at top dollar, we have a few tips that will help you get your home sold as fast as possible even for those that priced the home well over market value.

A brief Company Info:

Novel Remodeling is a licensed and insured contractor that provides concrete driveway repairs for homeowners in Los Angeles, CA. We are a professional contractor with over 10 years of experience in remodeling and concrete repairs. We provide exceptional service and top of the line workmanship with warranty for our driveway remodeling and repairs. Call us 855-456-6835 or visit our driveway remodeling and book your free quote today!

Concrete Driveways Paver stone driveways

Driveway remodeling Ideas

Have you been to a home on the market with a beautiful driveway that matched the home? One of the first things a potential buyer notices is landscaping and driveway.  A well built driveway that is custom designed can stand out in the market today. Imagine seeing a bunch of homes with damaged concrete driveways or badly built driveways. Nothing special and if the driveway isnt exciting, how exciting will the landscaping design be? Potential buyers calculate the costs of a new driveway and for repairs only its on average about $6,300 for an average size concrete driveway. Now consider a well designed cobble stone or stamped concrete driveway that puts a smile on your home. How much more likely are homeowners to pay every cent you are asking and even start a bidding war if you have that little extra push with a beautiful driveway!

Designed driveway luxury driveways

Repairing Driveways

If you are selling your home and have not payed much attention to the driveway, you are shooting yourself in the toe. Homeowners noticed the driveway and already have a bad impression of your house. Homeowners see that the previous owner did not care much about maintenance as driveways are one of the most used areas around the house. Its far more important to have a beautiful and well maintained driveway verses a commonly used walkway (walkways are important too, but often take much longer for the area to get damaged). Furthermore,  continues repairs to the driveway will help the duration of the driveway. Most concrete driveways last 10-15 years at most in Los Angeles, CA. Since LA is constantly getting small shakes from the earthquakes, the concrete tends to crack often. A regularly maintained driveway can last up to 35 years. Avoid costly replacement with a well designed driveway to fit your home.

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