Drought Landscaping Rebates going to run out soon in Los Angeles County | Drought Tolerable Landscaping

If you heard about the Drought Landscaping rebates that are available for homeowners in Los Angeles County, I would like to pass on some sad news. The government Cash for grass program just announced that the rebate program for Drought landscaping through http://www.socalwatersmart.com/index.php/home/?p=res will no longer be valid after June 30th 2015. This news should start the stampede to get your lawn switched from traditional to drought friendly before the rebates are over.

Some areas of LA getting up to $3.00 per sqft of landscaping. 

Here are a few reasons why smart people remove the lawn and upgrade to Drought Friendly.

  • #1 reason provoking people to go drought landscaping is this rebates. Take advantage and upgrade to save up to 60% OFF what your original cost would have been if their was no drought landscaping.
  • Removing the need to hire maintenance / landscapers
  • Costs for watering your lawn and paying landscapers (over $1500 in savings a year)
  • Love the Succulent garden appeal
  • Allergies is a big deal for some people and fresh cut grass causes allergies. Removing the need for grass will help you avoid allergies.
  • Peace and Quiet in the mornings. No more annoying lawn mowers to deal with.
  • Helping California reduce water costs.

It does not matter what your reasoning is, what matters is you taking advantage of the rebates while it lasts. All Good things must come to an end, so the end is near. Call us today 855-456-6835 to schedule your free estimate today!



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