Guess who just opened Shop in Northridge | Novel Remodeling

Novel Remodeling, fully licensed and insured customer driven remodeling company have decided to offer our services for local homeowners in Northridge, CA. Our services for the northridge community go out to local homeowners and businesses owners a like. Our residential remodeling and design crews are more popular compared to our commercial professionals.

Check out Novel Remodeling in Northridge | 855-456-6835 |

Residential Remodeling and Design in Northridge, CA

Foundation Repairs

Homeowners should be very wary of foundation damages, and foundation cracks. This is a big concern especially after the earthquake. Our free foundation evaluations help homeowners determine where they lay in efforts to make homes more safe during natural disasters.

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects are the main focus for adding value, and making homes more comfortable. Our kitchen remodeling and design teams help refresh old kitchens, add kitchen islands and more. Our bathroom remodeling specialists are pros at making the most out of small bathrooms. Northridge, CA as a community has bathrooms of all sizes and our experience has really shown homeowners we mean business when it comes to remodeling.

Room Additions

Adding value by expanding homes is a big part of our business and homeowners can expand by using existing structures. Patio covers, can easily be turned into patio enclosures with permits and a few extra touches. Garage conversion are a great way to turn your storage space into livable area for guests, family, or even as rentals. Find out more by calling us direct!

Drought Landscaping 

Our most popular product due to our severe drought is our landscaping options. Northridge is offering rebate program for homeowners and guess who can help you get CASH FOR YOUR GRASS? Novel Remodeling offers options for homeowners after we remove your grass. Drought landscaping succulent gardens are a popular option. Going gravel, wood chips, or pebble stones are another great fillers for homeowners. Some even want the extra car space and go straight stamped concrete. all are great options for homeowners.

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