Walkway Designs for your Home | 2015 Ideas for walkway designs

We found several designs we like to share that inspire us to do more creative walkways for our customers.

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Stamped concrete services are our primary form of walkways we design for our clients. We like stamped concrete as its durable, and offers customization.

Stepping Stone Walkway

We have done stepping stone style walkways for one of our clients in Malibu beach. He owned a big estate in the hills of Malibu and wanted to connect different areas of his landscaping. We created a stepping stone plan and redesigned his entire yard. A little less than .5 acre property.

Brick Walkways

Brick walkways are another great option for homeowners. standard red bricks designed in a way that lures homeowners into a garden or a comfortable reading area. The red bricks with a custom design can really bring out your backyard or side yard. We done several walkway areas for the side of properties and gardens surrounding the walkway.

Mosaic Pebble Walkways

Mosaic pebble walkways are another great option for homeowners. Our walkway installation crews are perfect for mosaic pebble walkways. We have done walkways that connected the backyard to a separate tea area with a small bench. Mrs Jones, was impressed when we showed her the details of the project. She loved how the project turned out because all the details of the mosaic walkway was done perfectly. Not one pebble was out of its place.

Thyme Walkway

There are walkways and driveways designs that use the green plant Thyme and spaced concrete flat bricks to create a lush green walkway area that looks and feels natural. Its creative solution for those that love green and need to designate an area for walking.

Check out more custom designs and ideas from Novel Remodeling. All images are found on Pinterest. Credit Pinterest!


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