Chinatown Remodeling | Additions and New Constructions

Finding a property worth remodeling

When it comes to finding a property to remodeling, we ask our real estate enthusiast and most reply with the same concept. Buy homes that need work in neighborhoods that are great, no matter the condition of the house. That is a general rule for most homeowners that are purchasing homes to flip, add value or upgrade.

Homes with a destructive looking outside might hold value greater than any fixed up looking property. Imagine a house that has chipped paint, broken windows, a really bad secure door and roofing leaks. If you do a proper evaluation of the property and find all the potential damages, you might have found a jewel if its just the above damages. Homes with exterior damages but a solid foundation, and no major plumbing/electrical problems can easily be repaired to look appealing for the next buyer.

Once you Find the Perfect House

Once you found a home, the real questions start to arise. In Chinatown, and the general area. its better to buy a house and repair it for yourself in addition to remodeling for a easy flip. Costs for the area are relatively high as flipping will limit your success.

Finding A General Contractor

Finding a general contractor is easy as we recommend ourselves. Why?

Novel Remodeling | General Contractor in Chinatown, Los Angeles, CA 855-456-6835

  • Fully licensed and Insured
  • Specialize in Additions and Remodeling Homes
  • Adding Value is why we are in Business
  • Professional Project managers to help you with every aspect of your project
  • Affordable solutions

Additions and New Construction

Those that finally purchased a home can add real value by converting your garage into living space or demolishing the existing structure and rebuilding the property to fit your needs. Some homes are not worth pursuing and those that do can demolish it and start from scratch. Plans for new construction are far easier than plans for repairing parts of a home and imagine what you can build with a custom design for you.

Additions can be cost efficient if done right. Our additions try to use existing structures to limit the costs and if approved by city, to add real square footage to your home. Projects we take on are garage conversions, second story additions, or extending parts of the house. Blueprints and approval is a must so find out how we can get started today,

New Construction for Investment purposes

When investors purchase a home to remodel and flip, prior to purchasing most have the option to demolish the entire structure and build a brand new 2-3 story structure. Depending on the zoning this can be possible and adding more stories or units depends on the city and limited amount of space. As an investment opportunity, homeowners can easily convert a 8900 sqft property into a duplex or triplex and start to generate residual income. Most investors don’t have that kind of funding to turn a project like this into reality, however, a well funded investor can.


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