2015 Mega Project in Chinatown, usa | Support the Community

The biggest problem with the Cornfield Mega Project is the ability to balance a beneficial and job rich development and help the community. I believe, its about 1st to understand the community as a whole and what they want and need and 2ndly to address what benefits it will bring for developers and the community.

According to http://www.scpr.org/news/2015/02/03/49549/mega-project-may-skirt-chinatown-smart-development/ there is a big developer that wants to take a good chunk out of the project to build twin tower type housing for the area. The chances are that the housing will be overly priced and not fit with the community as a whole. The area is not exclusively rich or do have much of an income to pay for the new apartment units. This does not seem to fit well with the community, however the development community is supporting this project. The city needs to find a common ground and maybe modify the structure to help not only the community but everyone inside the community thrive as well.

The structure also promises level one retail shops, restaurants and pedestrian park style area for the structure. What this means is that it has potential to provide jobs and a friendly environment for locals to hangout. However, its not enough to advocate the square space used in the prime location of Los Angeles. More can be done!

I believe pricing the structures at a affordable level for senior citizens and Mid income families would be sufficient enough to gain the support of the community. The extra jobs and energy efficiency of the structure can be great for our environment and our community. Maybe adding solar to the rooftop instead of a swimming pool to reduce electricity costs even by a percent would be more beneficial.  In addition to the swimming pool being removed, how about recreational activity area for the building? Kids play area? Adding a small park and more walk ways to keep the community active.

Community leaders and city officials have a lot of room here to bend Atlas Capital to use the space more for the community and less for capital gain.

As a free democratic and open economy, I understand less government intervention is best for quick and efficient response, however, big developers focus only on helping themselves verses our community. Guidelines should be placed for the benefits of the community and helping its people thrive.

Written by Novel Remodeling | Harry Griffen


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