2015 trends for securing your home | Block Walls | Fence Installation | Security System

Block Walls

Block walls are considered to be the more sturdy of materials used to create a wall to divide your property or add protection against intruders. As our neighborhoods are becoming more complex with different ethnicities and cultures meshing together, sometimes cultures and ideas don’t mix well. Homeowners want security and to feel safe in their own home. Installation of a block wall can help do just that and more. It keeps families safe from the outside, and keeps pets inside. It’s great for pets because as deep as they dig, concreted reinforced block walls are secure for the toughest diggers!

Fence installation

Fence projects can be secure but are often design to indicate property line and insure small pets are secured inside the property. What we love most about fence installation (wood fence) is the custom installation and design we offer our clientele. Fence installation can be done with other materials that are more cost affordable.

Popular types of Fence

  • Vinyl Fence
  • Wood Fence
  • Wrought Iron
  • Chainlink Fence

What you need to know prior to a fence installation estimate

The best way to calculate costs for any project is to find out the details of the project. Choosing the right materials to use, length and width, design, color, staining, sealing, treatments are all good factors to consider.

In addition to above, the most crucial fence installation question contractors will ask you is if you are going to share costs with your neighbor (if it’s a fence separating you from your neighbor). Its beneficial for neighbors to work together to share cost on removing and replacing the fence that separates each other’s yard.

Materials matter… Choose correctly!

Security System

A simple security that offers a unique perspective for homeowners is the Nest Thermostat with DropCam connected to your smart phone to monitor your backyard, and front door step from intruders, mailmen, guests and more.

Find those pesty disruptive kids that keep running all over your yard, or uninvited guests that approach your doorstep. Always monitor your home with our professionally installed Dropcam, with NEST.

Request a free estimate to determine if we can help you get your fence installed correctly!

Novel Remodeling 855-456-6835 http://www.novelremodeling.com


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