My Favorite Kitchen Remodeling Hacks | 2015 Home Improvement Hacks for Kitchen

I have been scourging the internet for over 3 years now and i found my top 3 favorite Hacks for the Kitchen. Tell me if you enjoy any of them and found practical use for it. We redid a kitchen for one of our biggest clients and he was so impressed with the end result of the kitchen, he recommend us to his family and did 3 more kitchens after that. What was he most fond of? The simple changes we did to the custom cabinets he ordered.

1. Modified Cutting board/slide out Trash can.

We achieved this result by installing two cabinets. The top cabinet was more like a slide out cutting board with a door handle. What made this cutting board state of the art and custom was the hole we cut out approximately 8 Inches away from the door handle. Secondly, the cabinet underneath was designed around a simple trash can that can be found at your local Target, Home Goods, and Kmart. Placing this trash bin inside the cabinet just under the hole makes it a convenient way to chop our veggies and remove the waste.

Kitchen Remodeling Hack

2. Slide out narrow cabinet for Jars

Convenience in storage can turn the most smallest home into a cozy living area for friends and family. Adding a single sliding cabinet two rows for jars, make finding them so much easier. Most homeowners enjoy easy access and love this cabinet hack!


3. Handing Pots are cool, but adding storage on top?

Homeowners that are struggling and need more space have options as creative and inspirational designers help make smaller kitchens into storage friendly and accessible area for everyone. My favorite hack of all time is hanging items. I am a big fan of the magnetic strip for hanging tools, keys and more. What i liked most about this is how simple it is, and how well this works. My kitchen is relatively small as i do not do much cooking. I have my pans and spices all in one area for the days that i want to cook me a nice steak. I have the options and its easy since its right there. Avoid looking and misplacing items.


Find yourself a kitchen designer that can help you get creative and build a kitchen you both can be proud of. Novel Remodeling – 855-456-6835


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