Structural Engineers in Los Angeles, CA

What does a structural engineer do? 

Structural engineers are engineers that help determine the stresses of a structure based on materials, layout and design. To truly understand the seriousness of a structural engineers position, one must understand the details and planning it goes when  you are building a new home.

Structural Engineers work side by side architects and builders to help plan new constructions of office buildings, homes, commercial structures, and local civil projects. Engineering is involved in hillside properties and a licensed and insured structural engineer needs to determine the weight acceptance for the structure being built.

Why do we need Structural Engineers? 

Structural engineers who focus on buildings are responsible for evaluating schematics and ensuring that the building meets the building codes for structural safety, is safe for occupancy and is able to withstand the elements.

Scheduling a free estimate for new construction with Novel Remodeling

Novel Remodeling is a licensed and insured general contractor with our own structural engineers, architects and building experts. We provide blueprints, designing and installation all under one roof. Fast convenient and hassle free experience that most homeowners will enjoy. Take the challenge and find out more about your room addition project los angeles

Los Angeles, Torrance, Santa Monica, Malibu, Hollywood, Pasadena and San Marino, CA


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