Stair owners be aware! | What you need to know about stair safety

As a licensed general contractor, we provide repairs, installation, and upgrades for new and existing staircases for homeowners and apartment buildings. What our experience has shown, most homeowners take action when a lawsuit is filed. Why? Who would file a lawsuit for stairs? Anyone that slips and falls on  your stairs leaves you liable and can claim damages of up to $250,000 depending on the injuries. Serious? I bet you are worried now!

Stair Maintenance | Los Angeles, CA

As lawsuits and criminal negligence becomes more popular, more and more people are suing property owners for unsafe staircases. Novel Remodeling’s crew and general contractors suggest regular maintenance. A staircase should be maintained every 4-6 years depending on the usage and durability of the products used. Regular maintenance can be cleaning, concrete crack repairs, railing repairs and more. Accidents happen all the time and rain is a major contributor to slip and falls. Let us make sure your stairs are in great condition.

unsafe stairs

Railing Repairs and what you should know 

Railing repairs are a big factor for stair remodeling and maintenance. Loose railings are the #1 cause for slip and falls during the dry season. Why else would someone fall? Homeowners that neglect repairing railings can suffer a devastating lawsuit. Our experience shown that most of the repairs are relatively low cost too. Railing projects that are concerning to homeowners and are dangerous for tenants are damaged railings, loose railings, railings that are are broken or destroyed. Also, upgrading railings that are not done by code is a project for new properties that got stuck with a badly renovated property. Find out if your staircases are done by code with a free evaluation from NOVEL REMODELING.

Common stair accident injuries include:

  • Cuts, abrasions, and contusions (bruises)
  • Sprained tendons, ligaments, and muscles
  • Fractured bones
  • Neck and back injuries
  • Head and shoulder injuries

Interior Stair Remodeling and Damages

Homeowners that have damaged staircases for their townhouses are also liable for any slips or accidental falls. Most homeowners that live in townhouses have some sort of wood / wrought iron staircases. For stair repairs for the interior, big concern is again the railings. When guests and family come down the stairs, holding on to the railings is important and nothing causes more accidents than a loose or unstable railings. Another concern is landings steps for the stairs itself. Those that have not upgraded since the very beginning should consider checking the stairs for signs of rotting underneath. Sometimes plumbing is ran under the staircases and depending on the floor plan positioned to the rest of the house.

damaged stairs

Stair Design Flaws

Some staircases are built with flaws that need to be repaired and remodeled. This is a very common mistake with new designers that do not get plans approved by the city. Then they remodel and install newly designed stairs with major flaws. Homeowners are not aware and they get a big fine when an accident occurs. If you even have the slightest concern about your stairs consider getting yours checked. Most professionals will check it for you with little or no cost.

Remodeled Stairs

Find out what Novel Remodeling can do for you with a free estimate in all of Los Angeles County, CA. Free Estimates from a licensed and insured general contractor and stair remodeling professional.

Novel Remodeling 855-456-6835 Licensed professional serving LA , Orange County and Ventura County.


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