Artificial Grass that looks even better then Real GRASS! | Chino Hills, CA

Commercial Artificial Turf Installation

Artificial Grass or Artificial turf as its sometimes known as is safe and easy to install alternative to grass. HOA (Home Associations) and other organizations that have to maintain landscaping can avoid the costs by installing artificial turf one time and saving the cost for maintenance and water.

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Residential Artificial Turf 

In 2014, last year we were installing artificial turf for homeowners in Chino Hills. It became a big part of the projects we took on there and almost 1/3 homeowners wanted to save water and money. Nothing is better than artificial turf. Its a one time fee for removing your grass and installing new grass. In addition, the government/city officials are paying rebates for artificial turf. Homeowners love taking advantage of the easy rebate program established by Chino Hills community.

Novel Remodeling Helping Homeowners install Artificial Turf

We have done several projects for artifcial turf and this is our latest one. Feel free to contact us 855-456-6835 to schedule a free estimate for your home in Chino Hills. Free Estimates to go over your project, share ideas, show samples, pictures, and ideas. Dont worry, its pressure free! Check us out at

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