New Hollywood, CA law on restroom for restaurant 2015

As if the world was not confusing enough, West Hollywood, CA and its local government decided to make things even more confusing. According to West Hollywood law requires gender-neutral restroom for everyone.

What This Means for Business Owners

Business owners for West Hollywood, CA have a simple yet interested mandate designed to make the bathrooms a bit more gender friendly. Instead of labeling and having different (Male Friendly) Stalls and simple toilets for females, now it must be toilets for everyone to use. Simple, yet needed requirements to bring the businesses restrooms back up to code. Every Restaurant and I’m assuming other businesses that have gender discriminatory bathrooms must comply.

For help bring your bathroom up to code, find out how Novel Remodeling, licensed and insured general contractor can help bring your bathroom up to code.

What This Means for the Population

The Residence of West Hollywood, CA are in luck now. Male and Female bathrooms are now converted to unisex bathrooms for both genders (And those in between). What are some of the benefits? Long lines for the females can be a bit shorter. Most men are in and out quickly verse women spending more time getting ready. Now in technicality lines should be twice as fast. What are some harmful results? Confusion for everyone else!

Love to hear more about your thoughts! Share your comments below!

West Hollywood


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