Adding Value to Your Home | Room Additions and Expansion

Room Addition Contractor | Los Angeles

Date 1/12/15

Room Additions are a big part of Los Angeles economy and no one helps homeowners better than Novel Remodeling. Novel Remodeling has a history of helping investors flip houses, and homeowners add value and expand. Our hassle free remodeling services help homeowners increase the value of there property with construction that matters!

How to add value to your HOME!

Adding value to your home is like doing the simple math. Homes are evaluated by most banks based on the location, and square footage of your property. What important to understand is that without adding square footage, there is no assurance that the value is added. Here are a few examples of remodeling situations that add value.

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guest house addition

Adding Square Footage.  (Example scenario)

James lives in a house that has 1025 Sqft of living space. James wants to add more value to his property and seeks out to find a professional like Novel Remodeling. Novel Remodeling analyzes the property and recommends adding 265 Sqft based on the neighbor and local home costs. Similar houses in the neighborhood were going for 400k for a 1290 Sqft  compared to 315k for his size property. After careful consideration and cost control, James got his addition done for 60k and pocketed 25-35k when he sold just 9 months after his addition.

Adding New Flooring (Example scenario)

Kelly lived in a similar house as James and instead of choosing to expand her house, she wanted to renew her flooring. She decided to get bamboo flooring for neighborhood with lower income homes. Her house was worth 299k and spent 9k on new bamboo flooring. When it came time to sell, she was hoping for 330k and only got a bid for 311k . She was lucky that a younger couple that loved bamboo flooring offered a bid even above  305k, While James reaped third thousand dollars in profits, Kelly merely got lucky with two thousand.

Furthermore, most investors flip homes based on evaluation of the market. No one can predict the benefits vs cost of any project, but the sure way to recoup most and add value is by expanding your house. As Los Angeles, CA become more crowded with people from all ethnic backgrounds, guest houses, garage conversions and second story duplex will increase in value. Consider a free estimate from Novel Remodeling today and find out how you can expand for yourself, or add value for the future.

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