2014-2015 Solid Surface Counters | Corian | Wilsonart | Viatera with TechTop

Trending Solid Surface Countertops |  Los Angeles, CA

Simple, Solid Surfaces are the new trend going forward with kitchen countertops and Novel Remodeling would like to help homeowners find the right type of counters to fit their kitchens.  As kitchen remodeling becomes more of an art then actual home improvement, designers and remodeling contractors focus on adding value and increasing the amenities of the kitchen. This however, does not compromise the luxurious look and feel of the kitchen itself. Let’s explore options and trends for the 2014-2015 years and find out which counters are the best options for homeowners.

Disclaimer: No company has offered any financial benefits for promoting their product. We have done market research and found local trends in our local market.

corian counters

Options for Solid Surface Counters

As more homeowners look for more affordable counters for their kitchens, solid surface vs natural stone becomes an issue. Granite counters are very popular among most homeowners, but costs are slowly decreasing the odds for homeowners to consider natural stone granite countertops as a viable option for their next kitchen remodeling. Solid surface engineered countertops are becoming an affordable option for most homeowners looking quality, durability and style. Here are a few brands that are popular among homeowners.

Corian Solid Surface Countertops

Corian is one of the most popular brands for solid surface counters available at most local hardware stores across the United States. Most popular product 2 years running at Home Depot, Corian solid surface counters are made out of nonporous acrylic polymer. This material is stain resistant, easy to clean, scratch resilient and sunlight durable material that is easy to love and easy to care for. Its popular simply because it comes in almost every color and design making it one of the most sought after counters in 2015.

Wilsonart Solid Surface Countertops

Wilsonart Solid surface countertops are another great option for homeowners. The designs that are lacking in Corian, can be found in Wilsonart and vice versa. Wilsonart offers Quartz, Solid Surface and Laminate Countertops. Wilsonart solid surface countertops offer a no fade, easy to clean surfaces that can be customized and installed after fabricated to fit. Novel Remodeling a fully licensed general contractor offers installation of kitchen counters, and bathroom counters for homeowners in Los Angeles and Ventura Community. Find out more by calling in to book your free estimate today 855-456-6835.


Viatera Solid Surface Countertops

Viatera Solid Surface countertops are the future of countertops simply because of the smart technology embedded in the counters. Viatera offers all that and more when it comes to Solid Surface Countertops. Its engineered for the future with its wireless charging countertops, LG Hausys goes beyond the traditional counters to bring you high tech counters that do more! Viatera solid surface countertop comes with this Techtop technology because of the new Internet of things. Internet of things is a wireless connecting home technology together and what better way to turn your kitchen into tech savvy then adding a wireless charging docks to your countertops. Fast, easy and reliable charging without the clutter of wires makes Techtop technology an industry leader in countertop wireless charging. When renovating, renovate to fit the future with this new technology.


Novel Remodeling a reliable Kitchen Remodeling contractor based out of Los Angeles, CA offers quality workmanship and kitchen remodeling services for homeowners. Find out more by requesting estimates for services in our local service area.

Novel Remodeling (855) 456-6835 Serving Los Angeles County, Orange County and Ventura County.



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