Omega Dynasty Cabinets V.S. KraftsMaid

Cabinets are one of the most intriguing topics for home improvement and Novel Remodeling would like to voice our opinion on what we like and don’t like about each company. Let’s get started and find out if you really get more or less from each brand.

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Omega Dynasty Cabinets

Omega Dynasty Cabinets have a long history of quality workmanship.  In 1977, the company was founded by craftsmen to build quality, and ever evolving cabinets for homeowners. As time as reflected, there cabinets furnish the most luxurious homes in and around the Los Angeles Community. Multi-million dollar homes seek quality and durable cabinets for value. Omega Dynasty delivers on all fronts.

Omega Dynasty Cabinets are considered high quality, solid wood cabinets that offer luxury for the Kitchen. Kitchen cabinets that are built by Omega Dynasty tend to last a bit longer, and come standard with all the major bells and whistles. Lazy Susan’s, custom textures and finishes, rotating cabinets, custom spice holders and more are just common type of additions that Omega Cabinets offers.  Functionality is a big part of Omega Dynasty cabinets and each design helps cooking enthusiasts reach new creativities by organizing their tools in a way to fit their individual needs.



Top Quality Cabinets (Wood Veneer, Bamboo, Engineered Wenge, Cherry Wood)

Customization in design and layout

3D Designs Available from Approved installers (Novel Remodeling 855-456-6835)

Armor Finishing (Durable Staining)


Pricey Cabinets

dynasty cabinets1 dynasty cabinets2 dynasty cabinets3 dynasty cabinets4 dynasty cabinets5


KraftsMaid Cabinets

On the other hand, we have KraftsMaid cabinetry which is also known for quality cabinetry for kitchens and bathroom vanities. KraftsMaid has been around for over 40 years now and continues to help furnish homes across the United States. KraftsMaid is an all-around American company that offers built-to-order cabinets made in the USA. It’s one of the few cabinet companies that build semi-custom cabinets that are built in America. Its state of the art facility offers quality, dependability and amazing prices for valued customers.

In 2014, KraftsMaid has introduced a new line of cabinet finishes to amaze those that want a creative finish to semi-custom cabinets. Some of the more popular new stains are Chai Paint and Hazel Stain. The results are an amazing and luxury feel without the heavy price tag.  In addition to new cabinet finishes, KraftsMaid has introduced new glass door design to really impress. 2014-2015 is going to be a big year for glass door cabinets and KraftsMaid will lead the charge with their new designs



American-Made Cabinets

Semi-Custom Designed for Affordability

3D Designs Available from Approved installers (Novel Remodeling 855-456-6835)

Fresh Design


Quality great but not as good as Omega Dynasty

kitchen1 kitchen2 Kitchen3 kitchen4 kitchen5

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