California Rain is HERE! | Small tips to keep your roof in tiptop shape

As a California Resident and licensed general contractor, we have been struggling with roofing projects for a long time. Severe drought has nearly stopped our roofing business and homeowners enjoyed the luxury of a dry winter for a long time. Now that winter finally has arrived for us Californians, we like to reach out and offer our services and a few tips to keep dry for this winter.

Roofing Specialists
Roofing Specialists Los Angeles

Check for Damages To Roof

1) Gutters and Redirecting water away from your home

Novel Remodeling recommends a quick glance at your roof from time to time to determine the condition and repairs needed to keep dry during winter. Our first time is to install gutters. As unnecessary as some homeowners think, gutters help redirect the water to areas that need water, or simply redirected to areas that wont damage your property. if you already have gutters, take a quick glance and see if its clear for the water to get out safely.

2) Checking for Shingles or loss tiles

If you are like the handyman type around the house, and can safely get on a ladder, we recommend you do your own research. Once your on a ladder and can easily glance at your roof, check for missing or loose areas on your roof. This can easily indicate the areas you might start to notice leaks. Finding someone to repair this can be easy. Check us out at Novel Remodeling 855-456-6835 or visit our website to inquire today. ( )

3) Check near Chimney and Other Vent like airspace

We recommend you get on your roof only if you are able to. If not, leave this for the professionals, However, if you are able to, check for cracks or separations near chimney areas or vents on your roof. Those that have skylights might notice rust or sealant coming out. Sealant is not meant to last forever. It needs to be reapplied. Consider hiring one of the best general contractors that offers roofing services in California.

4) If all of above is great, check for interior damages

If you did not see anything out of the range on your roof, a quick look up inside your home can reveal plenty. Novel Remodeling (We) recommend you do an inspection of your own house from the inside to spot leaks and roofing damages left from rain. Once you notice the damages, call us for a free onsite estimate to help repair the damaged area and at an affordable price.

5) Look around you, Roof is not the only place it can leak water.  When rainy season is in, most homeowners are concerned with only the roof. Novel Remodeling recommends you take a second and look at your existing windows and doors. If there are cracks near the windows, water will leak inside the house and cause major damages to your flooring, drywall, and moldings. Put towels and call us immediately to avoid any more damages.

Finding A Roofing Contractor

These are a few ideas to consider as rain continues. We hope more and more homeowners will take action and find out how we can repairs.

Novel Remodeling 855-456-6835 come highly recommend in Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange County! 10% Off when you call today! Call us immediately before your home becomes worse.


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