“Brown is beautiful” Drought landscaping bill signed to protect Homeowners!

Our governor last month decided that it is necessary to protect homeowners that remove their water. HOA’s in order to protect the look of the building have been fining homeowners that remove the grass and install turf or drought friendly plants. In order for our state to continue our existence we would need more water. The drought has had a severe affect on local economy and homeowners will get the worst of it. That’s great at least someone is looking out for the local homeowners.

For homeowners that want to remove their lawns and go Eco-friendly California friendly plants, consider a free estimate from Novel Remodeling. Novel Remodeling offers landscaping designs, plans and can help you design your front or backyard to receive a rebate

Request a free estimate via our website http://www.novelremodeling.com or call 855-456-6835 for your estimate.

california drought friendly


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