Long Beach Lawn-to-Garden Program Specialists

Those of us that live in Long Beach, California have experienced a big hit to our utility bill due to the rising costs of imported water. Most of the water that is supplied to Los Angeles comes from the Colorado River up north near San Francisco. In order for us to sustain our current water usage, we need to pump 5x more each and every year. Population is growing while our Colorado River is dwindling.

drought landscaping ideas

Here is a logical step forward to preserve our water supply. California use to be a desert full of cacti and plants that do well in warm temperatures. Why not revert back to the desert like feel and conserve our water supply. As humans, we need water to drink, shower, and clean our homes. However, lawns in particular are not necessary. In the City of long beach, local officials decided to offer an incentive up to $3,500 for approved drought tolerable landscaping designs. This is a big incentive for homeowners to go drought (desert like) landscaping verses the tradition lawn. The program Lawn-to-Garden helps the city of Long Beach maintain their costs and even lower energy needs up to 20%. It benefits the city and in turn better programs will be available for those that are in need.

front yard drought landscaping

Our local officials are trying as hard as possible to conserve our resources and think responsibly for the upcoming future. One of the most responsible contractors in the area has been offering drought landscaping for over 10 years now and recently promoting their own incentive programs. Check out Novel Remodeling and their drought landscaping contractors today and find out how you can save up to $3,500 on your project today. Save water, save time, save our planet today by going drought tolerable landscaping.

Novel Remodeling – (855) 456-6835 Drought Landscaping + General Contractor 


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