Closet Space and Expanding your closet in Los Angeles

When moving into a new home, most women pay attention to storage and closet space. Its no secret our closets are growing each and every year and if you have some hording tendencies, storing old clothes become a bad habit. Upgrading your cabinets and closet space can add more room and help you secure your clothes and belongings.

closet6 closet1


Novel Remodeling has done several closet expansion and each situation is different. Sometimes we expanded the bedroom and included a closet to fit. Other times no need for expansion because the bedroom was big enough for a walk in closet. 

         What to know about closet space

  1. Most closets require permits if  you are going to move and structural beam. Structural modification can allow more space but restricted on city permits. Approval is a must! 
  2. Design is crucial when it comes to closet. Fitting the right amount of cabinets and considering the future is important. Take your time and do the proper measurements or have your contractor do it professionally. We come highly recommended by our clients and can offer free estimates for all types of remodeling throughout the house. Consider a free estimate and find out all of our service that we offer. 
  3. Go funky with colorful cabinets or color code your clothing. Its important and can be fun in the morning
  4. Lighting is another thing to consider. Energy efficiency is important in every home in LA so consider going LED. LED lasts longer and uses less electricity. 

Find out more from a reliable contractor in Los Angeles. 

Novel Remodeling





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