Eco- Friendly Remodeling In Los Angeles

There a few options to go with when considering Eco-friendly remodeling or design. As a licensed and trusted contractor Novel Remodeling offers the best products in the Eco-friendly environment and ensures homeowners get environmental friendly products that are both durable and beautiful in your home.

There are many options to choose from and all can be Eco-friendly if you choose it to be. First off, metal roofs. Metal from other areas can be reused into a roof and can be a sturdy option for homeowners. The cost is a more but the sturdiness and durability can be worth it.

Sustainable forests are a great potion for wood shingles on your roof. Trees can be easily regrown and offer a friendly option to cover the sky. Negative thing about wood shingles is it can easily catch on fire and destroy your house.

There are foam insulation that are easy to produce and offer a green insulation for your home. Homes that are well insulated can reduce energy costs and sustain the temperature of your house. In addition to foam, there is special wood insulation that can add more value because of the level of insulation it offers.

Water Conservation
Dual flush toilets are one of the most highly recommended toilets for residential and commercial use. The simple low flow water system can eliminate the extra water usage and save tons of water. Same applies to the faucets.

The Grey Water System is another system designed to use the “Grey water” in the house and reuse it for the lawn. Consider the extra water you use from washing your hands or the dishes. That water can be filtered and reused for the lawn. Great idea for big backyard homes or water heavy planets.

Solar Panels 
Solar panels are like leaves for a planet. They consume the energy and convert it to electricity for the house. Solar panels are the future. They are the most renewable source of energy on our planet. The sun produces energy throughout the day and the energy can be stored for use anytime. 


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