Staircase Remodeling in Los Angeles, CA

Are you interested in remodeling your staircase? Have a design in mind and just cant find someone to build it and get it approved by your city? Look no further than a local contractor thats been serving the community for over a decade. Novel Remodeling is a licensed general contractor that builds quality, unique, and creative designs for staircases out of metal and wood. Novel Remodeling hsa a long history of providing quality remodeling and design.

” James Randel –  Best stair remodeling contractor we found online! so many options but good ones are hard to find! “

Things to consider when remodeling your stairs

What type of material do you want to use? Most common type of stair remodeling is wood. Residential properties tend to only be made out of wooden hardwood flooring with real wood stairs. This is relatively difficult for the average person but a carpenter is skilled and gets the job done right. Commercial properties tend to focus more on strength vs beauty. Metal stairs are idle for business owners. They tend to come prefabricated, easy to install. Professional installation is required but not much customization is needed. The handrails are important part of the staircase and depending on the wood or metal frame you can customize it to fit the style of your house. For wood, there are many victorian style handrails and designs to choose from. Metal is more modern and slick. Styles vary and different manufacture tend to focus on their own style.

stair remodeling near piano
stair remodeling with vinyl flooring

railing remodeling

When hiring a contractor for your stairs, there a few things to consider as well. 

The contractor must know the number of stairs and width of the foot space. This is very important because of the area that the stairs will go in and the valuation it presents. Taking down basic measurements does not necessary mean someone can quote this over the internet. Project complexities occur doing onsite estimate and those are the true estimates. Consider all materials and samples before coming to an understanding. Most commonly used material for stairs is wood. Think safety for the long run! Good luck and reach out to us for your free estimate. 855-456-6835 Novel Remodeling Stair contractor 


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