Solar Panels on the roof of our very own Whitehouse!

Novel Remodeling has been promoting Solar installation and educating the public on benefits of solar panels on their roof. The costs vs value is far superior then any other home improvement investment you will get. Since Obama’s administration is heavily invested in producing clean energy, solar panels are the  most idle choice.

This morning i woke up to three messages and a article stating the following : Yes he can put solar on the white house! I said to myself when i read this “what a brilliant idea”. Initially i had no idea that a national monument that houses the greatest leaders of any century, can choose an alternative energy source and make it work.  To read the article, click below,

Novel Remodeling as a solar installer has been helping homeowners install solar panels for decades and can help you. We are considered a small solar installer compared to big names in the article. However, our personalized support for homeowners grants us flexibility to help them in different aspects of energy savings and efficiency around the home.

Why are we so great?

Personalized custom support team ready to design, and install your panels.

Amazing customer support to get you exactly what you need.

Fully licensed general contractor to help with other remodeling projects around the house.

Panels starting at 4$ per watt  (first 2 kilowatt, restrictions applied)


Click here and request your free estimate or find out more.



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