California Go Green initiative – Novel Remodeling

Have you notice that majority of the Solar and green energy efforts are taken here in California? Well consider this if you did not know already. The largest solar panel farms are located in Lancaster. Palm springs and palm desert hosts large wind farms to produce clean and effortless energy. Why are companies moving from traditional fossil fuels to reusable green energy in California? Its the ability to eliminate costs and save money. The state of california spends too much money on energy. In efforts to combat that, we as a state have decided that we should be the first to tackle new reusable energy. Novel remodeling, a local general contractor and energy efficiency expert have done our part in remodeling homes to use less and generate their own electricity. As a Solar installer, we have built homes to include solar panels on roofs and helped our customers receive their state rebates. In addition california go green program offers 4000$ in rebates and incentives for energy efficient remodeling like windows, roofing, insulation and much more.

Here are a few examples of the work we did for customers that wanted to use this program for incentives.

General Contractor in Los Angeles 

Solar Installers in Los Angeles 

images (1)DOOR FRONT WINDS patio enclosure3 2 tankless1 2 WIND bay_windows WIND DP VINYL DOORS French_5


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