The Joys of Solar panels in Los Angeles

This is directly from a source that chose to remain anonymous and tell her experiences with solar panels that were installed on her home in Los Angeles. 

Some would think i am very strange to say this, but i enjoy the idea of having solar panels on my roof. Some would really wonder why that may be? To those curious enough to question this and the motives behind this post, you are crazy! Why would i call you crazy? Well consider this, if you that interested in solar, why haven’t you called our good friends at NOVEL REMODELING. I mean professionals are everywhere, and i’m sure you have heard commercials from Verengo and Solar City, but novel is different. They really care about the systems they install, work with you to connect your system to your electricity providers grid, establish a working relationship with you and the city to help speed up the process of receiving your rebates for your solar panels. Rebates in the form of tax deductions are available to homeowners in california. Guess what californians, we are lucky! Take advantage of this opportunity before it runs out. 

Back to my story, why i feel joy after i installed solar panels is simple. That horrific surprised face i experience every month was simply gone. You know which face i’m talking about especially during the hot months like June July, August, and September. Well if you haven’t guessed what i was talking about its simply your electricity bill. Now i know almost every month that the electrical company owes me, instead of the other way around. My panels produce enough energy for me to simply do without my electricity provider. The 300$ a month in savings alone put a big smile on my face. Then maslows theory kicks in and i notice how much benefits i am providing to my environment and my community. As a family, we recycle, i just bought me a new all electric nissan leaf that literally 90+ MPG and works for free because of my solar panels. In addition to recycling and my new solar panels, we installed all of the necessary weatherization options available from NOVEL REMODELING. Results look amazing and i feel great that i am a contributing member of my community. At least in the sense of pollution, we are not causing damage. 

Solar installers in Los Angeles, CA

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