Grey Water System in Los Angeles

What is Grey Water System?

Gray Water system is a system designed with conservation in mind. The first system was approved in 2008 by the Los Angeles legal system due to the major drought they experience that year. Since then, the Grey Water system has saved millions of gallons of water each year. The system uses the water from your home and filters it for your lawn. Imagine the amount of water wasted in the bathroom and kitchen? This water is then filtered and stored for your lawn. Its water you paid for, so why allow it to sink back into the sewers when you can reuse it?


Benefits of the Gray Water System

Reduce dependency on the city and state

Reduce water bill

Reduce water consumption and help our planet

Landscape your backyard with trees and flowers with affordable irrigation

Low maintenance system


Drought assurance for your gardens


Services that come with Gray Water System

Novel Remodeling provides piping and other types of services associated with the Gray Water System. Any job our company starts ensures it’s up to standards. We work with Gray Water Systems to provide the latest in technology and products. Let us help you with your water recycling needs. Call us today for your free estimate.

gray-water greysystem





Greywater System, Above Grade, Voltage 12, 1-1/2 In Inlet, 1/2 In Outlet, Basin Height 15-1/2 In, Basin Capacity 5.5 gal., Cord Length 4 ft.


AQUS® Water Recycling SystemReuses captured lavatory sink water to fill the tank on a gravity-fed toilet. Unit has a 12VDC pump with average flow rate of 1.6 gal. per 1 min. 12 sec. Vanity tank reservoir is 15-1/2 x 15-1/2 x 8-3/4″ and has a tablet dispenser for chlorine tablets (not included), used to help control bacteria and other contaminants. Includes vanity tank-to-toilet tank connection hardware.




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